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Monday, 12 March 2012

Anti-Aging and Cancer cure miracle by rare alkaloids found in Kigelia Africana fruit

Anti-aging action of pulp of fruit from Kigelia Africana (African Sausage tree)

The skin anti-aging and cancer curing power of the pulped fruit of Kigelia has been recorded extensively, but is still in its early stages of documented research and statistical proof. Lesion from skin cancer have been completely cured in 30 days with no trace of scar tissue. Scar tissue marks have been COMPLETELY and TOTALLY removed. Yes, no wishful thinking, no sales talk; it has actually been done! The removal and reversal of scar tissue is unprecedented. Much of the visible effects of aging is actually scar tissue and sun damage. That is why Kigelia pulp is so effective in treating aging.
So why hasn't this been used before? If this was such a miracle cure for skin cancer, scar tissue and anti aging, why is it not advertised widely? Very simple. It takes governments many years to research and finally release a product. Much research goes into whether a product is safe to use. The FDA in the USA is one such agency.
Quinine was another miracle plant. It revolutionized the treatment of the most resistant malaria. It took HUNDREDS of years before it was recognized and used. Another plant, Artemisinin, is right now in the process of replacing Quinine. It is safer, more effective, has no serious side effects and has been already used for HUNDREDS of years!
Penicillin was another incredible miracle drug. A natural plant, a fungus that was used for decades and is now recognized as just about the most valuable gateway to modern anti-bio-tics.
We think that Kigelia is another.
What are we offering? What are the risks?
I am not promoting a product as such. I am sharing with you the miraculous healing power of an as yet un-researched plant. I am sharing with you folk legends and actual use of this plant. How it has been used. The method used in preparing this plant and applying it. I live in an area where Kigelia Africana is found and I collect an ecologically safe quantity of the fallen fruit (15%) I am prepared to ship the whole fruit or segments of it to you with the methods used to apply it for skin cancer cure, scar tissue removal and anti-aging use. I will even tell you how it has been used to allegedly cure colon cancer.There are already a number of creams and products on the market containing Kigelia extract. They are not famous simply because they contain minute traces of the effective alkaloids and don't work as well as the pure, undiluted pulp does. Manufacturers are naturally cautious about using such a new, relatively undocumented substance. The pulp is corrosive and in fact toxic if taken in excess. What are the safe limits? I don't know. All I can do is share with you the the use and quantities local people have been using for hundreds of years. The risk is entirely yours. However, I actually had skin cancer and considered that this life threatening disease was worth the risk. My lesion was cured after ONE MONTH! Reports from people with stomach and colon cancer allege remission after FOUR MONTHS and a cure in SIX MONTHS! Is it possible? I don't know. I believe so. Malaria, Gangrene and Tuberculosis were all firmly believed to be untreatable. If I had cancer I would certainly be prepared to try using this plant.